Monday, April 12, 2010

Teresa Mira: Activity # 8.1 Trip to Roosevelt Island

For our first trip, the other group took us to see Roosevelt Island. After having grown up on Long Island, the only parts of the city I know are Times Square, Union Square and the small areas around Hunter and Brookdale, so I have never been on Roosevelt Island. Matt acted as a wonderful tour guide and showed us around giving us a lot of interesting information. We walked along a path by the river where along the path were some prime seating that reminded me of seating that would be good for a plaza. They were wide steps and a large bench that looked over the water to the city. We then continued to walk around the island and went into this little amphitheater that was a part of an apartment complex. This area is similar to the way we discussed private and public space. This area was a private space but had a public kind of appeal with a path leading to it from the sidewalk and a lot of seating. As we walked around the island, I noticed a lot of Jane Jacobs’s ideas were utilized in this small area. Roosevelt Island is certainly pedestrian friendly; it has a lot of walking and biking space. It also favors this and public transportation with the trolley that goes around the island as well as the F train and the Tram leading to the island. Overall, the experience was very nice and I really like the walk around Roosevelt Island.

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