Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teresa Mira: Activity # 7: Chase Manhattan Plaza Observation

I went to Chase Manhattan Plaza downtown and observed the plaza. Unfortunately, I was only able to go on a day that was cold, windy and slightly rainy so there weren’t many people around. The plaza seemed to have been mostly occupied by tourists taking pictures and walking around. There was also, what seemed to be a high school class on a trip taking a group picture. In terms of sitting space, there are a number of large benches scattered about the plaza. They seemed to serve their purpose with event the unpleasant weather, there were still a few people sitting down for short periods of time. There were also a few food venders around drew people over even in the bad weather, especially being around noon it was lunch time for many of the people who work in the area. They didn’t seem to stay long, probably because of the weather and their desire to stay dry and warm. There were a bunch of workers and police around that seemed to patrol the area, but this also seemed to derive from the construction going on close to the plaza. They didn’t seem to bother anyone or give any type of direction but they were still walking around the area. The two statues that are there also drew people into the plaza. Tourists took pictures in front of them and then decided to sit for a while. While there I imagined that, it would be much busier and full of people on a nicer day. It wasn’t so bad that day except for the wind, every big gust seemed to cause people to get up and leave.


  1. One thing that I noticed similar to my plaza observation was how the plaza was occupied by tourists who took a lot of pictures.

  2. Different from mine, there weren't any tourist in my placa. It is suprising that yours and Judy were crowede because mine wasn't. Anyways, I hope to visit there too!
    -Eunbyoul Cho