Monday, April 12, 2010

Eunbyoul Cho

Activity #8.2

For our group trip, we went to the central park. It was my third time going to the central park. However I only went there for ice link which mean it was my first time actually go inside the park and walk around. I have saw many picutres of central park and only thought it was just a park. But it was different then what I have thought, it wasn't just a park, it was huge... so our group couldn't walk all the way of central park. We went to see the Balto statue and walked to see other statue like Columbus through The Mall. The Mall was a place there it is a road people walk but the trees have caught my eyes which it look so nice. I saw that place from Korean television show but I didn't know that place was so close to our school. Again, we walked and passes by chess and checer house. Matt told us that he went to that place when he was younger and played chess. However, there wasn't people on that they but I would definitly go there again to play chess. We walk to the Iice link place and saw people filming a movie so we went there. At last on the way back to school, we walked through the zoo. I saw horses too on the side walk. I enjoyed going to central park and want to go upper central park. Even though Hunter college is right next to the park, I have never visit there. I felt bad for myself but this fieldtrip open my eyes to central park. I am planining with my firends to go to upper side of central park.

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  1. My experience was very similar to yours because I have been in Central Park only few times and never pay attention to the details.I never knew that there was a zoo and chess club.Judy