Monday, April 12, 2010

Judyta Banach Activity # 8

Our second trip was based on visiting Central Park. We started out trip by 69 Str. on the East side of the park. The central point of our trip was to enjoy a beautiful afternoon and observe the surroundings of the land.
Central Park was created in 1859 to provide attractive settings for working class New Yorkers. Today, it attracts not only people living in New York, but also tourists who want to take a walk in a famous piece of land located at the heart of the city. Even though the park looks natural, many parts of it, is a created landscape.
Because of the incoming spring the greenery of the park is amazing. The trees are blossoming and flowers are “waking up” after a dark winter season. An interesting thing that I learned during the trip was that the park serves as an oasis for the migrating birds. At the beginning of the trip we all took a walk in a Mall and Literary section of the park. None of us knew why this part of the park was called like this so after doing some research of my own I found out that this is a very famous part of the Central Park. The Mall Promenade is surrounded by tall trees and by statues of famous literary people like Shakespeare. When we got to the end of this section, the trees in the Mall walk looked like guardians because of the branches that come together at the top of the trees. Central Park consists of many small bridges that are all designed in different ways, so no two are alike. Our next stop was Chess and Checkers House, where we got a map of the park, which helped us to locate many other places. The Chess House consists of tables inside as well as outside and it was built in 1952. From there we went to see a famous Wollman’s ice –skating rink. Because of the warm days, the rink was melted and unused, but as I learned, during the summer it is used for other purposes. On our way back we passed by one of the Ponds and the park’s small zoo. The zoo area was the gathering place of mostly children and tourists. Some activities that we noticed during our trip were carriage horses, pedicabs, and children climbing the rocks.

Even thought, I moved to New York eight years ago, I have been in Central Park few times. This trip allowed me to explore the park and to learn its history, as well as to connect with my classmates.

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