Monday, April 12, 2010

Eunbyoul Cho

Activity 7 Eunbyoul Cho

In plaza observation, I went to the Greenacre Park located 51st between 2nd and 3rd ave in Manhattan.When I went there I was amazed that place where exist middle of building. I think this spaces was meant to be place where people can engaged to other people or relax. When I went there it was April 9th friday at 5 p.m. and was glommy and cold day. Therefore there were only 3 people sitting by themselve reading books or drinking coffee. They were olderly people. I think they are using the spaces where they intended to be used because people are relazing in that spcae. The relationship of this space to the ones around it seems to be have some resting time because near the park it seems very "bussy" place. In the park, there were many trees, flowers, food stand, water fall and lot of sitting areas. Also the spaces were open to everyone there wasn't any any purposely designed to keep out "the undesirables". However, on the entrance, there were one security camera and gate use to close park on the side way. Also there were some rules in the Greenacre Park, there were basically no taking picutres for commericial in the park, no smoking, no drinking alcoholic beverages, and other park rules. When I was in there, as I said before, I was amazed with that place. It was nicely decorated place and I loved it. I already told few of my friends to visit there because it is not that far from our school, it was just 2 downtown stops of 6 train away from our school. I would definitly go again when it is sunny.


  1. I find it interesting how we both went on gloomy days to the plaza and still saw people using it as it was intended. These plazas are obviously very efficient if even in unfavorable weather people still use them.

  2. From Alina: I read the "Park Rules" on that sign and some of them are a bit weird- I never actually read this sort of sign before I usually ignore them. What does it mean that "private parties are prohibited" ? What makes a party a party? There are large gatherings all the that a party? What about a party of three or four? Why would this be an issue? Is the city worried that when people are in gangs trouble will commence? I wonder if policemen actually break up these "parties".