Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Judyta Banach Activity#2

One of my classmates recommended to me a German restaurant called Zum Stammtisch. The restaurant is located in Glendale, Queens and as I learned from its website it has a long tradition behind it. It is being run by two German brothers, who although were born and raised in NY, learned about their traditions and culture from the previous restaurant owner who was their father.
I and my husband heard that the food in there was amazing, so we decided to go there for a dinner. The place wasn’t busy because we got there around 9 o’clock on Sunday. We were seated in the second room where we were the only table. At the first look, the restaurant looked really nice and cozy. It is decorated in the old Bavarian style, with old photograph on the walls and old fashion tablemats. Also the tables, chairs, walls, and even the ceiling was made of wood, which made the place really warm and cozy. Being in there made me feel like I moved back in time. What I really liked about the place was the uniforms worn by the staff that consisted of a skirt and a traditional Bavarian shirt. Another thing that got my attention was how even thought the restaurant has an old fashion décor and style, the technology was still visible in there. The staff used computers to sent orders to the kitchen, which shows how although the owners wanted to keep their tradition alive, they had to put in some modern trends to make their life easier. The restaurant carries mostly German beers and the only one that I knew was Weihenstephan, which was served in old beer mug. Their menu contained their traditional food that was kind of new for me and my husband. Relying on the opinion of my classmate and few other people which recommended the restaurant, my husband ordered Jagerschnitzel which was a veal cutlet and I got for myself chicken riesling that was served with fried potatoes and mushrooms. The food portions were big and very tasty.
Although the overall experience of Zum Stammtisch was good there was couple of things that we didn’t like about it. Our waitress was an older lady, who to our surprise didn’t pay too much attention to us. Being a waitress myself, I tend to look at things in restaurants that other people probably omit. Things like if the glass and utensils are clean and of course the service. As I mentioned before our waitress kind of forgot about us, but at the same time I think one of the reasons why she did that was because the restaurant was soon to be closed and she probably wanted to go home already. Another thing was that the prices were fairly high for the neighborhood like Glendale. For dinner for two without eating any appetizers we paid almost $100.00 including the tip. I my opinion, there are many other restaurants where people would like the food and spend less money.
I am really happy that I had a chance to go and experienced a taste of another culture. Even thought the food was a little expensive, I would recommend this place to other people because the warm atmosphere and the delicious meals are worth the money once in a while.

I didnt have a chance to take pictures while I was in the restaurant, but I uploaded few from their website so people can get the feeling of how the place looks like.The second picture shows the room where I was seating.

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