Thursday, February 18, 2010

Activity #1 Eunbyoul Cho

Queens Center

I want to the Queens Center on February 6th 2010 at 7:00 pm. I was sitting down in the second level and near the middle section of the mall. Because it was Saturday, there were many people in the mall. I saw something new, which made me to think about my way of shopping in the shopping more.

First, it was very diversity in race, age, and gender. Because Queens is one of the diversity places, Queens Center had diversity of race. I saw many couples in the more. Also, there were groups of women and groups of men, it rare to see groups of women and men together. I have also noticed there were many families too. Mostly in my vision, I saw mom shopping with their sons or daughters but it was rare to see father shopping with their sons or daughters. Moreover, I saw two girls walking together but not boys. It was quiet amazing that most of people were couples or families.

Secondly, when I was sitting down, most of elderly or men were sitting down in the sofa with bags. I noticed that for elderly it is hard to walk with young people. But it was quiet noticeable that men were sitting down with bags. They were reading newspapers or magazines, which seems that they were planning to do so. However, most of women were not sitting down. Also, there were many girls with many bags than the boys. I have heard that many men didn’t enjoy shopping but on this day, I have realized that is was mostly true fact.

Lastly, when people were walking in the hallways, there was a way to walk. People were walking right side of their side. It was fascinating that everyone were acting and walking same way. No one walked in their left side of the mall. It seems that there is “rule” in the mall. Everyone followed the flow and no one got bumped into each other. Also, while I was sitting down for about 1 to 2 hours, I saw only one policeman/security walking down. I guess Queens Center is safe place because there was only one policeman/security.

To be a flaneur made me to think out of the box. It was my first time sitting down and looking people. While I was sitting down, I saw it was 3rd person perspective. I have discovered the “new inside of Queens Center”. I realized that there are more couples dating or shopping in the mall. When I was sitting down, I saw many men sitting down and doing their own things. Also, the Queens Center had “hallway walking rule” which is made by people. It was very fun activity which made me to think about my shopping ways.

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