Friday, February 19, 2010

Activity #2 Eunbyoul Cho

New York City is one of the best cities in the world. There are many place to go and to enjoy in New York City. Anneka, from Urban Studies class, recommended me to visit downtown Brooklyn. On February 17th around 12:00 pm I went to Brooklyn. It was my very first time going to the downtown Brooklyn. I have visited Brooklyn Bridge but that was my only and one time going to Brooklyn.
I went to the downtown Brooklyn to visit NANA restaurant. It was Asian fusion restaurant. The location was 155 fifth ave. Before visiting to the Brooklyn, I expected to see many black people than other nationality. However by visiting that place, I have noticed it was totally different. There were many diversity people walking in the street however it was hard to see white people. When I was having lunch in the NANA restaurant, customers were diversity too. I was unexpected to see diversity people in downtown Brooklyn.
After eating lunch in NANA restaurant, I walked two and half block down to 86th street to go to Chocolate Room, which Anneka also recommended. When I was walking down I have noticed that every stores were all located in the 5th ave. There were many different type of stores. Moreover I just noticed that it was hard to find the parking lot in the 5th ave. At that moment, I realized that 5th ave was Mixed-Use development area. As Jane Jacob mentioned in her book the death and life of great American cities, “characteristically, the larger a city, the greater the variety of its manufacturing, and also the greater both the number and the proportion of its small manufactures” described the 5th ave because there were many stores located next to one another (189). Additionally, “… city populations are large enough to support wide ranges of variety…” describes that many small businesses in the 5th ave are support by the people (191). Whole community around the 5th ave was holding and supporting every stores.
The place recommended by Anneka was a place where people go to shop food and clothes and also to eat. The diversity of restaurant showed the diversity of race in that community therefore, many people are engaged. The mixed-use development area describes the 5th ave in Brooklyn. Also, in the 5th ave, there was B63 bus stops, which shows that transportation supports that area too. It was great experience to visit and to learn new place. I enjoyed and loved that 5th ave in downtown Brooklyn.

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  1. From Alina: I would travel ANYWHERE if it means eating chocolate. I am a fanatic. One way to get me to go somewhere (and I am somewhat lazy) is to offer me good food...especially sweets being that my sweet tooth is intense. You should try Max Brenners: Chocolate by the Bald Guy if you liked the Chocolate room. There are a few of those throughout the city and I highly recommend checking it out.