Monday, May 3, 2010

Teresa Mira: Activity # 9: Why Blog If No One Reads It? Finding Urban Life Blogs

When you google “urban life blog” a surprisingly large number of results come up. Looking through them it’s very interesting to see what others have to say on the topic. The first blog I looked at was In this blog entry, they discuss the green movement and how cities have begun to try to follow it. Particularly leaving lights on is discussed and how they often aren’t turned off during the day for example in NYC and how they are on in unnecessary places at night. Many of the other posts on this blog deal with NYC as well as other cities. It seems however that when someone thinks urban life NYC always comes to mind.
The second blog I looked at was This blog is mainly a photo blog by a man living in Philadelphia. I really liked this blog; it was like seeing the city through the eye of the camera and the man behind it. I loved the pictures they are absolutely fabulous. It was really interesting to see how the photographs could speak for themselves and tell stories about the city and urban life.
The third blog I looked at was This blog has interviews with various composers in New York City. It was interesting to see a different way of looking at urban life, through music. The composers have had their work performed in the city, discuss their influences, their processes, and their work, and give advice for young composers.
The fourth blog I looked at was This blog discusses various issues that pertain Brooklyn and its residents. There are posts on this blog dealing with everything from a sprained ankle, to the Times Square bomb threat to various cultural events in Brooklyn. It was interesting to see how someone has complied such a wide variety of topics all dealing with the same urban place into a single blog. Many of these posts deal with events happening in Brooklyn, I’m thinking I have to keep an eye on this blog for this summer.
The fifth blog I looked at was This was a photo slideshow blog entry of Tel Aviv in 2007. It was really interesting to look through the photos and see what it looks like, as I haven’t done much traveling I thought it was really cool to see. I really liked the graffiti art on the walls; it was really interesting to see how there were so many similarities between here and cities in the US.

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  1. FROM ALINA: I love how you looked at a blog of Tel Aviv! I was there last summer and it is very very urbanized. I found it to be young and hip. At nighttime there were many young soldiers partying and there is so age limit. They do the same things we do...bars, lounges, hookah bars...they even listen to our music! In many countries young people try to imitate what people in their age group do in America. In a way we have set a standard for the rest of the world so even though I personally did not see any graffiti in Israel, I am not suprised that the blog mentions it since it really seems like something the kids there would look into. I shall follow this blog as a means to stay connected to Israel.