Monday, March 22, 2010

Activity #4 (Numbers 1 &2) EUNBYOUL CHO

1. Philip Johnson's daring AT&T Building in Manhattan
AT&T Building in Manhatanna, which is now SONY building, is "most famouse building of the Post modern works inspired by Venturi's lead is Philip Johnson's..." is located in midtown manhattan (Kunstler 83). There are more sky rise building near this AT&T Building. It is surrounded with IBM building and Trump building.

2. I went to the tracks in the Jackson Height between 95st and 25th ave. I saw trail tracks which were middle in the house building. Jackson Height's track is oldest road in Queens county. This track was built in 1672 during the beginning of the time when Jackson Height was developing from a swampy area to trains Medow. Like Kunstler said in her book, "It opened up the nether reaches of the city to poor working poeple who preciously counld;t afford to travel far from their neighborhoods" (87). In Jackson height this track was only path thats connected to other areas such as Woodside ave to Flushing Bay. However, the Queensborough Corportaion bought the land and build many houses which result removing the tracks.

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  1. The picture of the tracks in the middle of the houses looks really interesting and I really like how you gave the history background of how they got there in the first place.Judy